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Below are details of the digital marketing services I offer. This is not an extensive list so if you need some help with your digital and social marketing but are not sure where it fits in the list below, then I would be happy to discuss and work out the best solution for you.

Facebook & Instagram Advertising

If you use Facebook and/or Instagram for your business and want to get the most out of advertising, I can help. I have trained with one of the most renowned Facebook Marketing experts in the world and am part of a tribe of one of the largest success circles of Facebook Ad Strategists in the world.

This is one of the most cost-effective and successful forms of digital marketing for businesses that currently exists and when done right, can be a huge game-changer. From basic advertising campaigns to building funnels, lead generation, eCommerce funnels, and re-targeting stacks, I offer a full management service. This service starts from £500 per month (excluding your advertising spend).

PPC Marketing / Google AdWords

Want to get in front of your customers when they are specifically searching for what you offer with high purchase intent? I can help you appear in their Google search results and drive revenue to your business. My services for PPC Marketing include:

  • Keyword research
  • Set up and implementation of conversion tagging & tracking
  • Ad copy and creation
  • Ad account & campaign management
  • Ongoing optimisation

Prices start from £500 per month (excluding your advertising spend).

Facebook Ads & Google Ads Audits

If you are running ads yourself but just want some guidance and advice on making the most out of your spend, an audit would be perfect for you.

I will check your account setup, look at your campaign stats in detail and make recommendations for you to improve your ad performance.  This costs just £299 per audit.

I can also do audits of your Google Analytics on request.

Google, Facebook & Instagram Ads Nurture Packages

Want to manage your own online Ads but need support to make them as effective as possible?

I offer nurture packages for Google, Instagram & Facebook Ads that will give you the benefit of 1:1 support from an expert.

The package is a block of 4 hours support and is broken down by an initial Power Hour to discuss your immediate questions / issues and provide instant recommendations, followed by a further 3 hours which you can use whenever you choose over the course of 12 weeks (these can be used as either 30 min or one hour sessions).

So, if you are not getting the results you would like, are confused about the next steps to optimise your campaign or just want an expert opinion on how to make the most of your advertising spend – this is ideal for you.

What do you get?

  • 1 initial power hour
  • 3 further hours of support via Zoom sessions – to be taken in 30 mins or 1 hours sessions
  • Expert advice on running a successful Ads campaign

How much does it cost?

A Nurture Package costs £399 – a saving of £197 compared to four Power Hours.

This price is per person, and additional clients will be charged at £50 per person. The hours must be used within 12 weeks.

If you would like to book in, please get in touch.

Social Media Audit

This is ideal if you are not sure whether you want to commit to a social media management service, but would like an audit of your current platforms to see how they are performing and can be improved.

Prices are £149 for up to 2 platforms. Additional platforms are charged at £50 each.

Website Audit

If you are looking for digital marketing service, you probably have a website but know that it is not performing as good as it should be. This is how around 70% of businesses feel.

I will complete a full audit of your website, including areas such as ease-of-use, branding, functionality, content, design, and online data capture. On completion, we can work together to implement the suggested changes to improve the customer experience online and your website’ profitability.

Prices for a website audit start at £250 and are dependent on the size of the website.

Search Engine Optimisation

Are you being seen in search engine results (i.e. Google)? Organic placements (non-paid) in results listings can drive valuable traffic to your website, but there are so many factors that can influence where and how you appear.

If you would like to increase your website traffic and optimise your website for SEO, book in for an SEO audit. I will provide you with a detailed report on how your website is performing and what you need to do to improve it.

The cost of an SEO audit is from £299 (dependent on the size of the website). If you would also like me to conduct some keyword research so you know what you are ranking for and what key terms will drive the most traffic, add an additional £250.

I also offer additional digital marketing services and smaller packages in relation to the above, so if you are looking for something more specific to your needs, please get in touch.

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