PPC Marketing

PPC Marketing (Google AdWords) is the best channel for acquiring new customers at the point in which they are searching for your product or service. Here’s why:

  • Its strength lies in acquisition
  • With over 70,000 searches per second, it’s a predictable growth channel
  • Unlike social media advertising, you are capturing demand rather than generating it
  • You only pay per click on your advert
  • Google Ads take 66% of purchase intent clicks
  • PPC traffic converts at a higher rate than social media ads, because people are actively searching for what you sell

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Who Should Be Using PPC Marketing For Their Business?

You may have heard that anyone can use Google AdWords and that is true. But ‘can’ is not the same as ‘should’. There are a few reasons why it might not work as well for your business:

  • If your product or service is very niche and there are a low volume of searches – in this instance you may be better off using Facebook Ads to generate demand
  • If your product/service are not up to standard and your website is of poor quality – PPC Marketing amplifies a solid product offering and a good website. What you are selling needs to be good in order to capture the audience and your website needs to perform well in order to convert the audience. As part of my service, I will conduct a basic website audit and make recommendations where necessary to improve the performance of your Ads
  • Your product or service is sold for less than £50 (unless it creates repeat business or is subscription based). The whole point of advertising is to make your business more profitable, a low value product means there isn’t much margin left for profit once you take away your cost of goods sold
  • You are just looking to generate brand awareness. PPC Marketing can be used to do this, but it is not a valuable use of your advertising spend. Stick to channels that are cheaper/free for brand awareness, where you are not paying per click. I focus on performance, not awareness – someone doesn’t need to be aware of your brand to buy through an Ad, you just need to ensure you have a well executed and expertly optimised campaign

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Working With Me For PPC Marketing – Budget & Costs

I have been running Google Ads for many years and started back in the day when software was sold in a box in a retail store. The landscape has changed as customers have shifted to online for their research and purchasing and I have invested in keeping my skills up to date. My background is also in Digital Marketing, so I understand what needs to be done to enhance the whole online customer journey and get the most out of your advertising budget.

I charge a minimum PPC Management fee of £500 per month. This will be dependent on the size of your business and advertising budget. Regardless of what you are investing, I will treat your advertising spend the same way I treat my own.

There are a few requirements when working with me for PPC Management:

  • You need to commit to a minimum advertising spend of £20 per day for at least two months in order to establish what keywords work best and optimise further from there
  • The minimum period for working with me is 3 months. I will use the first month for set up: tracking implementation (across your channels and Google’s), campaign planning and keyword research – this is 50% of running a good AdWords campaign (and most accounts don’t have tracking set up properly). The campaign will then run for two months after that and the other 50% of running a campaign will take place – optimisation (this is what makes the difference between a campaign that is doing ok, to a campaign that will give you the biggest return for your investment)