8 Common Myths About PPC Marketing

Common myths about ppc marketing and the facts.

Pay Per Click marketing is one of the most successful types of digital marketing strategies and one of the only ones that get you in front of your target audience at any stage of the buying process. Here are a few of the most common myths about PPC Marketing:

1. Put As Many Keywords As Possible Into Your Campaign. It’s common to think that the more keywords you have, the more people you will reach, but that’s not necessarily the case. Yes, you will get more traffic but a lot of it will be unqualified. Keywords need to be specific and relevant in order to avoid spending money on clicks that don’t convert.

2. The Most Profitable Position Is The Number 1 Spot. Being top of the search results page doesn’t always give the best return on your investment as you may be spending more money than you are generating to maintain that position. People who click on the first Ad are often still in the research phase of browsing and are likely to click on a few other listings. Test how different positions change the cost vs value for your business.

3. Set It And Forget It. After setting your campaign live, you are only halfway there. The optimisation process is equally as important (if not more so) than campaign creation. Constantly monitoring and tweaking your campaign whilst it is running will allow you to make the most out of your budget and discover untapped potential.

4. You Will Get Instant Results. This may be the case with some campaigns, but others may take weeks before you start to see results. There are never any guarantees and although your Ads will run instantly, they could take time to mature.

5. PPC Impacts Organic Listings. PPC Ads have no impact on your SEO rankings. Google wants search results to consist of the best quality and most relevant information, regardless if there are from the same domain. Showing up twice (paid and organic) is great for pushing your competition down the rankings.

6. PPC Is Too Expensive For My Budget. Firstly, you should not run campaigns if the demand isn’t there, so doing keyword research is vital before starting a campaign. Secondly, yes – PPC can be expensive – but only if you let it! You have full control over your spend and can set maximum daily and monthly budgets. Also, by constantly monitoring and optimising your campaign, you will be ensuring that you are getting a return on your investment.

7. People Don’t Click On The Paid Listings. More than half of Google users can’t differentiate between paid and organic listings in the search results and Google is constantly making changes to make it harder to distinguish between the two.

8. You Can Run PPC Yourself. This is only partly true – if you have the knowledge and expertise. Anyone can set up and run a campaign, but not anyone can do it successfully.

If you have never run ads before and haven’t had any training – giving it a go could be equal to throwing your money in the bin. It takes time and expertise to run a successful campaign and to consider the online customer journey as a whole and how it will impact your results. A PPC expert will look at the bigger picture – landing pages, website performance, sales process and optimise all factors to ensure the greatest chance of success.

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