How Important Is Website Design?

Website design illustration on a yellow background.

How Important Is Website Design? Very important if your objective is to generate sales or leads.

Most websites have confusing elements for users. What that usually means is that the user has to stop and think about what to do rather than seamlessly browse and buy/sign up without much thought.

With the increase in mobile usage for web browsing, there is a lot more to consider when it comes to usability. Here’s a little test for you to conduct on your own website:

– Go to your website on your mobile phone

– Hold your phone in the same way you normally would when making a call (fingers behind the phone, thumb in front)

– What elements of your site can you easily reach and tap with your thumb?

The top left and top right of the screen is often the most unreachable part, yet this is where a lot of websites have their menu/navigation.

You may have noticed that apps such as Facebook and Instagram have their main actions on a tab bar at the bottom of the screen, where it can be easily reached with thumbs.

Switching your navigation so that it is within easy reach on mobile devices can have a big impact on conversion and the time spent on your website. It would also be a smart move to include a checkout button in that bottom bar so that people can easily ‘tap’ to the cart and order.

So, does your website design pass the thumbs-up test? If not, move your most important features to the bottom of the screen and see what impact it has.

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