10 Tips To Get More Web Traffic

Easy Tweaks to Get More Web Traffic

The titles of your web pages (title tags) are displayed on search engine results pages, i.e. Google search results, as the clickable headline for that result. These 10 tweaks to ger more web traffic all relate to title tags, which are important for website useability, SEO, and social sharing.

These tweaks will improve their performance and increase clicks to your website:

1. Ask a question – questions have a 14.1% higher CTR (click-through rate)

2. Keep it under 40 characters – these have an 8.6% higher CTR

3. Ensure the exact query is in the url – this can increase CTR by up to 45%

4. Use power words (descriptive) for an increase in CTR of up to 13.69%

5. Titles containing emotions vs no emotion have a 7.3% higher CTR

6. Make sure you have a meta description for a 5.8% higher CTR

7. Adding a year into your title can generate a 4.9% higher CTR

8. Evoking curiosity in your title can increase CTR by 5.9%

9. Titles that resemble education have 10.4% more clicks (e.g. How to…)

10. Take a look at the paid ads for similar products/services on Google – the copy will be optimised and give you some good ideas for what performs well

The best thing about these 10 Tweaks To Get More Web Traffic is that you can implement these changes straight away and without the help of a website developer.

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