Facebook Decline – Is The End In Sight?

Facebook thumbs up and thumbs down on yellow background.
Should You Rethink Your Facebook Ads Spend?

Last week it was reported that Facebook is in decline. Users are shrinking for the first time in its history and many businesses are wondering if they should be shifting their advertising spend to other channels.

If you are one of those businesses, take a step back and think before you act. Consider the bigger picture:

  • The figures are referring to daily active users (not people who have left the platform completely)
  • Facebook is a part of Meta’s family of apps (Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp) and collectively they grew by 10 million more users
  • When you advertise on Facebook, you can also advertise on any of the apps in the family
  • Despite the decline in daily active users, Facebook remains the dominant social app – YouTube, WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger follow behind
  • Facebook still controls four of the top five social apps or services

As you will be doing anyway (hopefully) – pay attention to your own individual data and campaign performance. Those are the numbers that matter.

Perspective is everything.

Facebook is still one of the most cost-effective and successful forms of advertising for businesses, if managed correctly. Investing in expert help is an investment in your business growth and one that will pay off.

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