Are You Showing Up In The Search Results?

Google gets 63k searches – every second of every day. If you own a website for your business, how do you get a slice of that audience?

Well if you are a savvy business owner you will already be doing some work on SEO so that you appear in the organic search results. But 50% of people cannot tell the difference between paid ads and organic listings. And the paid ads appear first. So, Google Ads are the way to go.

If your website is performing well, it is likely to have a conversion rate of around 3%. Google Ads will enable you to retarget the other 97% whilst they are searching for what you are selling. Or you can target people who have never visited your website but are actively searching for what you offer. Instagram and Facebook Ads will do this too, but the user intent tends to be different on the different platforms.

Social Media Ads are interruption marketing – the audience isn’t necessarily actively looking for what you are selling when seeing your ad, although they still may be interested. With Google, you are capturing the market when they are actively searching for what you have to offer. Both work really well and complement each other greatly.

I have been running online Ads for 15 years and specialise in Google and Social Media Ads. If you are interested in running Ads for your business or would like a review of the Ads you are already running, get in touch. We can have a free 15 minute, no-obligation consultation and take it from there.

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