Beyond Analytics – the door to website performance

If you use Google Analytics for your website, are you looking beyond the overview stats for those key golden nuggets of information?

It’s great to know how many people are entering the site, how many sales it makes, how they get to the site etc, but have you thought about how they are exiting the site and where/why their journey ends?

Think of your webpages as doors to your products or services. You know they are coming in via the front door, but which door are they leaving by and are they having a look at the whole house or bolting out as soon as they enter the hallway?

You see, if you know where they are dropping off, you might be able to do something to keep them there longer and in turn generate more sales. You would be surprised how these key nuggets can open your eyes to small issues that might be affecting conversion.

Don’t just glance at the user journey – walk it with them and change their direction.

If you are not using Google Analytics – you are missing out big time. It’s free to use, easy to install and the best way to learn about how your website performs.

If you need help with website stats or your online user journey, let me know and we can arrange a free consultation.

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