5 Tips To Make Online Shopping Easier For Your Customers

How to convert your sales to online

So, we are back here again. Staying at home and doing the best we can to get through another national lockdown.

This also means that consumer habits are continuing to drive online sales. So if you are a business who can sell online, here’s a few tips to make it easier for your customers – (and which will result in more sales for you):

  1. Make sure the checkout process is mobile responsive, if not mobile-first. People expect a seamless shopping experience when using their phones and tablets – especially during checkout. To ensure you are optimising sales opportunities, explore Facebook and Instagram Shops to make it easier for people to shop on their phones.
  2. Eliminate any unnecessary steps from the checkout process. Customers should be able to check out in as few clicks as possible and a complicated process can result in higher drop off rates. Ask yourself if you really need all of the information you are requesting – asking for job title or title can add around 2 clicks, date of birth can add up to 11 clicks which could turn customers away.
  3. Is your website speed up to scratch? Slow loading checkout pages can cause doubt and will increase abandon rates. If you can increase your website speed (especially checkout pages), do it. You should be aiming for less than 3 seconds (increasing website speed by 0.1 seconds can boost conversion rates by 8%).
  4. Give customers more ways to pay. Accept local, modern and multiple payment options (like ApplePay) to reach more customers. Again, another way to explore this is via Facebook and Instagram Shops.
  5. Make your return process as simple as possible. Dedicate a page on your website to explain the process and make it easy for customers to find. Also, consider offering a prepaid returns label. The simpler the process, the more confident people will be in shopping with you.

If you are taking your business online for the first time and need some help or if you would like help to set up shops on Instagram and Facebook, get in touch for a free consultation.

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