Increase Your Website Traffic With SEO

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Why should you increase your website traffic with SEO?

40% of website traffic starts with a search query. Most of these queries take place on Google and when people see the results, 75% of them don’t click past the first page.

That is why SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is so important and it’s also why Google Ads are so successful.

SEO will get you the free listings in the search results, Google Ads are the paid listings.

How does your website perform in the search results for the products or services that you offer?

If you are listed in the first three results, you are doing great – these get 60% of all traffic. If you are lower down the listings (or not there at all), you have some work to do. Your starting point should be an SEO audit to identify:

  • Do all of your web pages have SEO meta titles and descriptions?
  • Are your pages optimised for SEO keywords?
  • Is your url structure optimised for search engines?
  • Are your pages and blog posts formatted properly?
  • Do your images have keywords in their ALT tags (do they have ALT tags?)?
  • Are you using links in your content?

Do you even know what any of this means?

Don’t worry if you don’t – I offer website SEO audits from just £299 which will analyse all of these areas and tell you how and where you need to take action. I can also make the necessary changes if required.

Just drop me a message to discuss further if you want to increase your website traffic with SEO.

And if you want to boost your sales with Google Ads, I can also do that too! Get in touch for more information.

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