Beating the social media algorithms

Beating the social media algorithms

Want to beat the social media algorithms?

I see so many posts claiming to know how to beat the algorithms and they all have one thing in common – they don’t beat it, because they can’t and neither can you. But you can make them work to your advantage.

The algorithms are what sorts through the data being posted onto the platforms and decides which content users see in their feeds first, based on their behaviour and the likelihood that they want to see it.

So how do you ensure that the algorithms select your content above others? Good content will generate good results. Here’s a few tips for creating good content:

📍 Post content that encourages engagement and interactions. Try asking a question or doing a poll that your audience will engage with.

📍 Don’t drive people away from the platform. Networks want to keep people on the platform for as long as possible. Posting external links (such as to your website) does not support this. It’s ok to do it now and again but try to vary your content and keep as much of it as possible within the platform.

📍 Add value to your audience. Don’t just use your pages as billboards to promote yourself – it gets boring, looks spammy and people will switch off. Post content that gives people more value and is beneficial to them.

📍 Be present on the platform. Don’t just post and walk away. Hang around, engage with your audience / other pages.

📍 Use different formats. Variety is key. Post more video (this is a key content format for the algorithms but ensure your video is hosted on the platform), slideshows, stories, highlights, gifs, text, animation etc.

📍 Post when you know your audience is online – they can’t engage if they are not there.

📍 Tag other accounts (where they have a relevant audience) and maximise the opportunity of having your content shared to a wider network of people.

📍 Use hashtags and tag location (where appropriate) to make your content searchable.

📍 Above all – be RELEVANT. If your content does not resonate with your audience, your audience will become someone else’s.

Have you found this useful? Let me know what types of content work best for you.

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