Ninja targeting on FacebookAds – Explained

Understanding Facebook Ads targeting

You may have heard (or read) a lot about the amazing capabilities of targeting via Facebook & Instagram Ads, but understanding exactly what that means can be a bit confusing. So, here’s an ‘in a nutshell’ version…

Basically, every time someone (you included) “likes” a page, interacts with a post, or fills out another part of their profile, they voluntarily submit data to Facebook which is then made available to advertisers.

Some of the many targeting options for audiences include:
🎯 Location
🎯 Education
🎯 Age
🎯 Gender
🎯 Workplace
🎯 Job Title
🎯 Parental status
🎯 Ethnicity
🎯 Languages
🎯 Connections to specific Facebook pages
🎯 Behaviours
🎯 Interests & hobbies

So, for example, I can create an audience of women aged 25-34 who work in marketing roles, have a child between the ages of 3-5, speak English, regularly travel or reside in the London area, like yoga, are interested in gym membership and enjoy cooking healthy meals.

It’s no coincidence that new parents see ads for baby clothes or that fitness fanatics see ads for protein shakes!

Every business has a customer profile (even if it’s not written down on paper). Every customer profile is on Facebook or Instagram (or both). You can target your audiences with ads on both platforms at the same time, or choose just one.

This is just an example of the targeting capabilities, there is much more you can do with retargeting and lookalike audiences, but I’ll save that for another time…

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