Confused about hashtags? Join the club!

Every day I see questions all over social media about hashtags ranging from:

❓ Should I use them?

❓ How many?

❓ Which ones?

❓ On Facebook or Instagram, or both?

And the list goes on…

In short – don’t waste your time using them on Facebook. Pointless. However, definitely use them on Instagram if you want to get more eyes on your posts – they can increase engagement by more than 12%!

But you need to put some thought and research behind it. Blasting out random #’s will get you nowhere. You need to test and see what works. Have a list of #’s that are relevant to who you are targeting – not all of them need to be biggies either. Using a few highly targeted ones will deliver better results than lots of random ones.

If you are serious about using hashtags strategically the guys at have written a really useful comprehensive guide, which you can read here.

If you are struggling to find the time to work it all out and need a bit of help, get in touch. I can audit your Instagram profile for just £147 and do the research for you, providing you with improvements you can make to your posts and a list of #’s that are relevant to your target audience.

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