5 tips for increasing your online visibility

5 tips for increasing your online visibility

How visible is your business online?

There are currently over 6 billion pages on the internet and it is growing every day. Standing out from the crowd can be difficult. You can’t expect people to just find you, you need to show them the way… If you are hiding out of sight, your competitors will jump in and be there first to greet new customers.

Here’s a 5 simple of tips for increasing your online visibility:

✔️ Get listed on Google My Business – it’s free and will increase your search visibility

✔️ Be active on your social media networks – don’t just post and leave, engage too

✔️ If you have a website, get it optimised for SEO by an expert

✔️ Encourage customers to leave online reviews

✔️ Run targeted social media ads

Are you doing any of the above? If not, add them to your to-do list now.

If you are not sure where or how to start, I can help – drop me a message and we can arrange a free consultation.

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