Are You Wasting Your Advertising Spend?

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Most things are rarely as good as they look on the surface.

They have lots of different elements that need to be good in order for the overall experience to live up to your expectations.

Google Ads are no different. You can’t just pick a few keywords, set a budget, go live with your campaign and expect Google to generate tons of sales.

Google AdWords are the cherry on top. It is an excellent channel for acquiring new customers, but only if you have a good product or offering and a website that is good at converting customers.

It is important to understand that if you are investing in advertising, you should also be prepared to invest in your website if required, in order to make the most of your advertising spend.

Truth is, Google won’t be able to sell an unsellable product, nor will it convert your customers before they reach your website – that’s your job. Ads amplify a solid product offering and a good website – not replicate them. And this applies to most online advertising channels.

When you work with me for Google AdWords Management, I will conduct a basic website audit as part of the service and make recommendations (if required) for increasing your website conversion rate.

If you are interested in Google AdWords Management for your business, get in touch for a free online consultation.

Click here for more information on my Google AdWords Management service.

Anyone really fancy some cake now or is that just me?

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