How to be visible online

On Facebook, only about 5.5% of your followers will see you posts. On Instagram this is slightly higher at 7-10%, but still only a small fraction of your audience.

You can also expect around the same for your other social channels, your blog, emails… EVERYTHING!

Disappointing eh? You may even wonder what’s the point of posting at all! But there is a point. Because if your content is right and your audience is right, then you will still be getting your message across and still generating revenue for your business.

The key is, how can you increase that percentage?

There are many ways of increasing reach such as running ads, getting people to interact with your posts, varying the post type (video, link, photo), the popularity of the post etc…

But the main question you need to ask yourself if how often are you showing up on your page? If you are only posting a couple of times a week, compared to 5 times a week – that’s a difference of reaching 11% or 27.5%!

Pages that post often are more likely to be meaningful to their audience. Therefore, posting frequency is a ranking signal that can affect how high up in the newsfeed your posts are placed – in turn increasing your audience reach.

You need to take it seriously, invest your time, because if you don’t there probably isn’t any point at all. People have short memories when it comes to online content – there is so much for them to consume that you are only 1 click away from being old and forgotten news.

How often do you post on your online platforms? Is it enough?

TIP: Don’t be afraid to re-purpose old content – chances are, most of your audience didn’t see it the first time around!

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