How to use Instagram Story Highlights to grow your business

Ever noticed those little icons on your Instagram profile and wondered how you can make the most of them? This free space is a powerful tool and can be used to grow your following, showcase what you offer and increase product sales.

Leaving this space empty is like turning down a free ad in the press. So, here’s how to make the most of your story highlights:

Create branded icons

Make sure you create icons that match your branding and easily illustrate what each highlight is about. Canva is a great tool for creating these. Just click on the highlight to edit it, then select ‘edit cover’ and upload your image.

Use short, concise titles

Be aware that too many letters will get cut off (as above for Facebook Ads), so try to keep to a minimum of 10 characters. Also, use titles that explain obviously what the highlight is about (talk your audiences’ language, not your own).

Use this space for reviews

This is the perfect place for customer reviews and will help convert prospects into paying customers!

Limit the number of highlights you have

Only 4 icons are visible without having to scroll across, so limit the amount you have. More than 4 is ok, but don’t go mad. People will not keep scrolling! Try to stick to an absolute maximum of 8.

Add to the highlights as you go

Get into the habit of adding your stories to highlights (where relevant) at the same time you post the story.  

If you would like some guidance on setting up your highlights get in touch.

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