Think Facebook Advertising is a walk in the park?

If you thought you could just choose your audience, assign some budget, and bang out your ad to get you those sales, I’m afraid you are very much mistaken.

The algorithm just won’t let you have it that easy. It is designed to show engaging, likeable posts so only the best, most relevant ads will achieve the maximum results. Of course, your ad will still be shown (Zuckerberg is not going to turn your money away), but to get it featured high up in the news feed you need to be thinking beyond your bid and budget.

You need to understand the algorithm and the auction. The algorithm will determine when and where your ad gets placed, the auction will decide which ad from which advertiser will get shown to which user.

There a few factors that will get you the maximum visibility on your ads:

  • Good engagement (comments, shares, reactions)
  • A well-defined audience
  • The right bid to reach that audience

So, it’s not just all about the money. You need to think carefully about who you are targeting,  what those people are really interested in (to get the engagement) as well as great creative, copy and then how much money you are willing to spend to get those sales in. The better you are at creating a good ad, audience, and copy – the cheaper your ads will be.

If this is going over your head and you just want someone else to do it for you, fair enough. Drop me a message and I can take it from here. I have trained with one of the most renowned Facebook Marketing experts in the world, so your business and budget is safe in my hands.

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