Keep Calm It’s Only Black Friday!

Business tips for surviving Black Friday.

Are you running a deal today and over the weekend into Cyber Monday?

It’s a great feeling when you get the offer live, but launching the offer is only the start of the process if you want those sales to come flooding in.

Here’s a few things you should ensure you are doing to close those deals:

⚡ Make sure your social channels are being monitored throughout the sale period – people get swept up in deals and could be impulse buying. If they have a question, it will need to be answered straight away before they rethink the purchase. Check your platforms and inboxes and respond quickly!

⚡ Check your website and landing pages regularly – make sure everything is working as it should be and keep checking it (on both mobile and desktop), then be ready to act if you need to. If you wait for a notification that your site has crashed, it will be too late.

⚡ Keep promoting your offer. Posting about it once is not enough – there is going to be a LOT of activity happening on the newsfeeds this weekend and your posts could very easily get lost. Promote the offer on your platforms multiple times each day (within reason – you don’t want to spam people) to ensure it has maximum exposure.

⚡ Keep calm and don’t panic – at some point (and maybe more than once) Black Friday and Cyber Monday will probably break the internet. Chances are that the social media platforms will be down now and again or at minimum, a bit glitchy. There is nothing you can do about it, just have patience and ride the wave until they are back up again.

Once you’ve got that covered, you can sit back, relax and watch the sales come in. Good luck!

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