The 3 Pillars of Content

The foundation of any good business account on social media is the content.

It starts and ends there. It will get you good reach, good engagement, and good customers.

But creating good content seems to be a struggle for a lot of businesses. So, here’s how you do it.

Use this as the foundation for all your posts and you will see a big difference in your social media success:

  • Positioning Content – position yourself as an expert in your field and as a business that knows what they are doing. Share posts that give tips and advice, how to’s and hacks. Also showcase your expertise with background information about who you are and how you got here, your training, your results. Show them who YOU are.
  • Problem Solving Content – solve problems (theirs, not yours!). People will buy from you if you are selling the solution to their problem, not because you wrap it up in pretty pictures and funny captions. Post content that shows them you understand their frustrations and you are the solution.
  • Promotional Content –you are a business and if you don’t tell people what you do or what you are selling, they may never really know. Spell it out for them. Tell them how to buy from you, tell them you have availability/products, invite them to engage with you, share your offers.

If you publish a good mix of these three pillars, you will grow your business and your following.

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