Things to do in 2020 that will benefit your business

It’s time to stop thinking and start doing. Your business will never grow if you don’t make some changes and take some action – you already know this right?

Here’s my list of things you need to do (if you haven’t already) that will benefit your business this year:

  • Get the Facebook pixel installed on your website. As soon as this is set up you will start to gain opportunities to target people who are genuinely interested in your product or service. Even if you don’t plan on advertising just yet, set it up and let it soak up the data so it’s there for you when you need it. It’s free, easy and quick to do. You could give it a try yourself and follow the set up instructions (I did mine myself) or pay a small fee to a web developer.
  • Build an email list. If you have a website, social media platform or existing customer database then you already have a list. Marketing to this list is essential for promoting your business and generating new or repeat sales. You have the data already, bring it together and use it as a tool to grow your business.
  • Get listed on Google My Business – it’s free, will increase your search visibility and improve the accuracy of your Google presence. 4 out of 5 customers use search engines for local information, using Google My Business will ensure you appear in the results.
  • Audit your Social Media platforms. The algorithms change all the time, as do people’s behaviour online. What has worked for you before may not be what works now. Audit your platforms, look at your posts, engagement, audience insights etc and change anything that needs improving or look at how you could make it better.
  • Audit your website. Walk your online customer journey. Is everything working as it should be? What can be improved and refreshed to increase conversion. What are your website stats telling you (bounce rate, site speed, referral sites, conversion rates, key landing pages)?
  • Get some help. You can’t grow if you don’t free up your time to focus on what you know best. Enlist the help of someone who can fill the skills gap in areas where you are lacking.

All of the above will ensure you are set up for growth and are opening as many doors as you can to potential customers.

If you need advice on any of these tasks, get in touch for a free consultation.

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