What are your web stats telling you (and are you even looking)?

Confused by your website stats?

I am always amazed by the number of businesses who either pay someone to report on their website stats or create their own reports – but don’t do anything with the data. (Or worse still, don’t ever look at the data!).

If you are never going to act on it (I would NOT advise this), don’t waste your time and money doing it. ❎

Here’s a few pointers on what the topline stats may be telling you:

👉 High bounce rate – this means people are landing on your site and immediately exiting again. Either you are attracting the wrong audience or the content of your page is all wrong.

👉 Session duration – length of time people are spending on your site. If it is long enough that they are expressing an interest but not long enough to make a sale, you need to optimise it and review content.

👉 Top active pages – most visited pages of your site (and probably the page your marketing activity is driving people to). If this is not the page you want the majority of your visitors to land on, check your marketing activity to ensure you are promoting the right landing page.

👉 Traffic channels – these tend to be:
– Organic Search (natural listings on Google/search engines, NOT paid ads)
– Direct – when people go straight to your website
– Social – social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc)
– Referral – when people have landed on your site via third party websites

Delve deeper into the audience report to see where the opportunities lie. It could be that one or more of these channels are creating a lot of business for you without you investing any effort, so imagine what could be achieved if you put a bit of focus on them.

👉 Top devices – mobile (phones), desktop (computer/laptop), tablet (ipads and similar tablet devices). If mobile and tablet are the top sources (they will be), make sure you focus on improving the mobile customer journey (tablets will view the mobile version of the website).

Are there any other stats on your website that you are not sure of? Drop me a message if you need clarification.

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