Steps to take when your online traffic is not converting…

Broken lightbulb on yellow background to illustrate online traffic not converting.

Feel like you are doing all the right things to drive online conversions but not getting results? Here are some steps for you to take when your online traffic is not converting.

You need to pause. Take a step back and stop spending time and money until you have pinpointed the problem.

Marketing via digital channels is a tough game, but it rarely fails if you are doing it right. Emails, advertising, social media and search engines are all effective at driving traffic and generating leads, so if it’s not working for you, chances are you are doing it wrong or people are hitting a hurdle which needs to be eliminated.

The journey to conversion needs to be a clear path. Online users are fickle and will soon detour their journey elsewhere if it is not a smooth one. Turning a blind eye to this and hoping for the best is equivalent to throwing your budget in the bin!

The steps you need to take when your online traffic is not converting is to ask yourself:

🤔 Is there a website issue?
🤔 Are you targeting the right people?
🤔 Are you conveying the right message?
🤔 Is there a landing page issue?

If you are not sure, the simplest way is to review each step of the journey to conversion to identify the problem. It’s often a simple problem to fix and will put your business back on track for growth.

If you would like an audit and some fresh eyes on your journey to conversion, drop me a message.

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